The series was created in Ukraine just a few weeks before the bloody conflict broke out. The images shall prompt the viewer to contemplate the conflict and its consequences.
The torn picture featuring young people and doves illustrates how quickly a peaceful world can be disrupted, while the young soldiers represent the threat to people’s safety and well-being, as well as the cruelty of war.
The battered children’s dolls symbolize the innocent victims of the war, and the child with the tombstone underscores the loss of life and families.
The pictures should stimulate viewers to reflect on the consequences of conflicts and the importance of peace and cooperation in order to create a safer future for all of us.

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Pit Buehler
Pit Buehler was born in 1972 in Zug, Switzerland. After graduating from the University of Applied Sciences and Arts, he followed a personal invitation from Professor Strauß to be guest of the master class of photography at the Academy of Visual Arts in Leipzig. He has travelled across more than 90 countries to photograph faces of our time. His protagonists are strong or delicate, broken or dynamic. With great virtuosity, Buehler stages the subjects while managing his technical equipment with an ultimate perfection as he works with brush and easel. A breathtaking aesthetic of the photographs inflates the momentum of the reality into an iconic cosmos.Buehler generates in his shots a mysterious tension between comfortable proximity and aureate aloofness that simply allures. In his art work, Buehler does not take his photographs during a performance. He prefers to set up a studio on location where he can not only control the lighting, but can also direct the dancers and artists in their exploration of the expressive possibilities of photographed movements – combined with his unique portrait style and by capturing their art in motion. Buehler is regularly realizing photo projects for national and international exhibitions. His work has been widely recognized with international awards, publications and exhibitions. Pit lives in Switzerland, but follows his passion around the world.