The former kindergarten and the abandoned playground represent impermanence and the loss of innocence. They remind us of past times when we, as children, played carefree on the playground – today, all that remains are the playground and a dreary atmosphere.
The abandoned teddy bear embodies the theme of loneliness and loss. It reminds us of our childhood, when we carried our favorite doll with us constantly and entrusted it with our most intimate secrets.
The butterfly is a symbol of transformation, beauty, and freedom. It reminds us that life undergoes constant change and that something beautiful and liberating can emerge from loneliness and loss.
The images show us how our past, our losses, and our sorrows shape us and contribute to who we are today.
Decades after the nuclear catastrophe of Chernobyl, nature in this series of images presents another impressive example of the synthesis between human remnants and the natural environment. The uninhabited buildings, once constructed by humans, are being reclaimed by plants and animals, creating a unique combination of urban architecture and wild nature.
Pit Buehler | Chernobyl Exclusion Zone | 2021